A Safe Place

I’ll bet you got that¬†warm and fuzzy feeling, didn’t you! WELL, DON’T!!!

Have you ever put something in a ‘safe place’, and then for the life of you cannot remember where that safe place is? It happens to me all to frequently, especially of late. You’d think I would just leave it where it is. Right? But noooooooo. I gotta put it in a ‘safe place’. All of that is well and good, if it is not vital that I find whatever it is immediately. In fact, I usually begin checking on it a few days out. I just hope I don’t move it from that safe place to a ‘safer place’, that I am bound to forget as soon as I have moved it. Gahhhh!

Anyway. The reason I am talking about safe places tonight is because I am going to to vote early tomorrow, and I need to take my mail-in ballot in so it can be voided. If I do not have it, I cannot vote, and it is too late to mail it in. It must be mailed at least seven days out, according to all the instructions.

This is, for me, an election of paramount importance, and the more I considered it, I decided that I should vote in person. Plus, with the current political climate, and living in my current state, there is no way I am letting my daughter go to the polls alone. Not that she has in the past, but this year it seems, at least for my peace of mind, necessary that we go together.

Whew! Found it! Yep, in that safe place. Now I can do my civic duty tomorrow by voting early. YAY Of course the room looks like Hurricane Mercedes, a Level 5 storm came through. The things I do for my country! LOL


Oh, and there REALLY are some safe places. For me, many of YOU are that for me Thank you. ūüėČ



Just Another Day

Wow, it is 1945(7:45PM EST) already. When you aren’t getting to sleep until after 4am and waking¬†before 8am, time can either fly, or creep along. Today seems to have flown.

I’ve had a lot on my mind today, including a migraine, and have been more verbose on FaceBook than usual. ¬†At least in one post. I usually spread myself around more, lol.

All around us, things are coming to a head or seem to be on high alert. The Cubs and Indians(Cleveland) are in the final game of 7 in the World Series. National voting is coming to full fruition on the 8th of this month, and the early polls, I think, have many hopeful, and many fearful. The blatant disregard of what is right concerning our Native American brothers and sisters, their sacred lands has many on pins and needles. The concern that because we say #Black Lives Matter, it must certainly mean that we believe other lives don’t matter, or don’t matter as much. We do not, but like anything else, when taken out of context, the true message can be lost. Can be, but does not HAVE to be. And,¬†generally, the lack of care in we how we treat one another as spiritual beings on this planet, in this plane frankly has me and many others, I am sure, concerned.

What can you and I do about these things?  Some would say nothing, but, I beg to differ.  What I can do, and what you can do is to continue to have faith. Faith in ourselves, and our fellow (wo)man. Faith and belief that no matter what, things will always work out as they should, and for the best, because the best is how things should always work out.  And, no, I am not an optimist, but I do believe from my life experience that we get what we manifest through or thoughts and our words.

Therefore, going forward(just in case I wasn’t before) I am determined to think and be positive. ¬†I hope you are, too. Together we can move mountains. Let’s do it! ‚̧




Starting all over again …

This is your very first post. (Why yes, yes it is.)

This is my first blog using WordPress, and my first blog in ¬†very long time. ¬†Some of you may remember my blog attempts on Blogger. I even had a few followers. ¬†Of course my lack of commitment probably sent them all away bored and disappointed. ¬†For that, I apologize, and to that end, to work on my ‚Äėcommitment issues‚Äô, I had signed up to participate in NaBloPoMo for the month of November. ¬†I am counting on all of you, as I will need all of the encouragement I can get. LOL

I have no idea what I will be writing about on this daily adventure for a whole month, but I hope you will come along for the ride.  Pitch me your ideas, we’ll see what happens.

This page is rather plain for now, but hopefully it will become more robust and appealing as I mature in learning this new tool. I was going to jump right in with the first topic but I think that can wait for another day.