New Balance

Everything is still off-kilter. I think it will be for a while. People grieve, or come to realizations at different paces. Many people are still just plain numb. It will take a while for everyone to ‘get on the same page’, as it were. Then, there are those that have no interest in getting on the page at all.

Whatever we do, and however we do it, we need to come to a new balance. We need to come back to the middle. Or, at least I do. My emotional pendulum is all the way in one direction, which is fine for a season, as long as it does not stay there. For me, the middle is level ground. It it the area where I can exercise sound judgement. Sound judgement and decision making about things that impact me and those around me.

I am waiting for the tide to ebb and settle so I know what I am working with. One thing I know for certain is that I will not give up on myself and my fellow beings.

I WILL find that new balance.

Oh, and it won’t be New Balance shoes. i’ve always loved them, but because of money and/or any other number of reasons that do not matter to me, they have come out, and come down on the side of what remains to be seen.  They have shown us what they care about, even though their product says, “Made in America”. Millions of people are burning their shoes.

Whatever happens, I will look forward, to a ‘new land’. Meanwhile, let’s keep this ship above the water. This song has brought me through many a rough storm, kept me afloat until the waters settled.


I Believe

My grandmother had a lot of sayings. As I mature, I am amazed at how many of them are spot on, true, and applicable, even today.

For the last eight years, America’s slip has been showing.  That is and expression for when you are misbehaving in public, or doing things that others really should not see.  America, some of us shouted, as racially or hate charged things took place around our country. Stop that! People can see you. The REAL you.

Well, America had a checkup this week, and we now know that her slip showing was only a symptom of a much bigger problem. Her fear, just a symptom. Sexism, just a symptom. Racial tension, prejudice in all its forms, just a symptom. Boiled down to its least common denominator, America is infected. Infected by something worse that the worse virus or illness you can imagine. America is infected with HATE. America is in so much pain that some would say she has cut off her nose to spite her face, trying to get away from the pain.

Many of us are scared, confused, sick and angry. Disconsolate and inconsolable.We are in the throes of grief. In this moment, www cannot see past the moment. We wonder if there is even ever going to be another moment.

But, does this diagnosis have to be a death sentence? Is it? We have four years to find out. Four years to not medicate and cover these symptoms that are fully exposed now, but to FIX them. To fix ourselves.

But how? It’s simple really, but the hardest thing we will ever be asked to do. We must trust, believe, keep faith, and above all LOVE.  It will not be easy because many of the infected will reject, will be afraid of it, will try to destroy. But, if we support each other during these times, keep out heads up, and do whatever we can to lot lose ground, perhaps in four years enough of the infected will be cured and have a clearer vision of what America can and should be when she is well.  I believe in America. I believe in US. I believe in LOVE. ❤

Election Day

I am all wound up and too distracted to be even as short-winded as I normally am. It looks close at this point, too close, but I still believe. In this case, California dreaming might not be a bad thing.

Anyway, while it plays out, and we try to figure out how to get back to ‘normal'(whatever that looks like) no matter the outcome, let’s ALL be dreamers. You know what?  Let’s forget ‘normal’. Let’s get back to LOVE.  Let’s imagine this:

The Blind Leading the Blind

This is one instance where following the blind is an EXCELLENT idea.

Tomorrow is election day. I can’t say anything greater, or more important than that, except, make sure you are a part of it, and if you haven’t already,





And, finally, 

So, in this case, let’s be led by the blind. In an article I read earlier, Stevie Wonder said that voting for Trump (grrrr), would be like asking him (Stevie) to drive. 

Let’s not ask Stevie to drive! 

My name is Mercedes, and I approve this message! 

The Prodigal and Unexpected Daughter

I know you were expecting to see part 2 of my blog from yesterday, but I have had a long emotional day, and need to do this first. I will begin by saying this:

Facebook(R) IS good for something! I truly mean that.

As you know, yesterday I was out of town, doing that thing I am going to finish talking about tonight, which I am going to finish talking about later. I was actually even thinking about swinging up the road a bit to say hello to Dad. My daughter called me, sounding very distraught. “Mom”, she said, “Sasha is missing.” In that very moment I knew that that dog had somehow worked her way not only into our minds, but into our hearts. Ms Sasha had become so much more than a work dog, an asset. She was my furry daughter! How could you NOT love a face like this.


I was too upset to put it on FB, and besides, who wants to see that in a yearly ‘memories’ reminder. Plus, I was on a mission of utmost importance.  I could not do what I wanted to do, …turn around and go home right then. My ever responsible daughter felt guilty because Sasha had escaped without her collar. She’d had a shampoo and massage the evening before. I assured her that if someone wanted to keep her, they would whether she had on her collar or not, and if they wanted to return her, they would find a way. Sasha was not chipped yet because it was to be done when she was spayed, after having what i am sure, is the longest heat in dog history! They were putting up posters all over the neighborhood.


Yes, Sasha is special needs. Most of which she may or may not outgrow, but the main thing is she is easily excitable and sometimes gets a nosebleed before she calms down. Although she did not have the blood disorder we feared, even after an expensive surgery that nose still bleeds for no apparent reason. She needs her people. And, her people need her!

Anyway. About how awesome FB is. If you ever lose, or find a pet, search for “Lost Pets of <insert county>.  My daughter did her research and put the information on that site as well as others. For the obvious reasons, I cut my trip short and returned to give my daughter a big ole hug. As I was pulling up to her house she got a call saying that someone thought they had Sasha, and they were in the specified neighborhood.   …and guess what!


Prayer works. Tomorrow we call the vet to get her butt spayed and chipped.  Meanwhile, back to the routine of training.  But FIRST, dog park and celebratory ice cream tomorrow. YAY!  I am officially exhausted! ❤

What’s Going On? Still.

Yes, there are some changes to the look of my blogs. I try to learn a little more each day, if possible. I hope that those of you that asked can now find the ‘follow’ button, and thank you for asking! But, that’s not what I’m talking about.

Does anybody else see how time is flying by? 
And we can't seem to stop it, no matter how we try. 
Ms M. ©2016

When I am on the road, I listen to public radio, and even that not so much these days because of the news and what’s going on in the world.  But, Saturdays are not so bad. They have some pretty good shows lined up on Saturdays. Anyway, I was on my way to Orlando and was tuned in.  I came in on Sound Opinions® and they were talking about Marvin Gaye’s career as a multi-faceted singer, artist, producer, etc., and his seminal album work.  Did you know that the particular album we are going to talk about set a standard in music and music production?  Also, to date, as far as I know, it is the only album for which a football star proudly displays his own Gold Record. If you have a chance, check out the show via podcast. I don’t think you will regret it.

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On came out over 45 years ago, and could not be more relevant if he had written it yesterday!  Forty-five years. And here we are.

Even the titles of the songs tell a story: What’s Going On, What’s Happening Brother, Flying High (In the Friendly Sky), Save the Children, God Is Love, Mercy Mercy Me, Right On, Wholy Holy, Inner City Blues (Makes Me Want to Holler), and the ever hopeful, Tomorrow.

The thing is, this album, and this discussion on the radio, aligned perfectly with the reason for my trip, and some of the circumstances of my life and family.

In case you don’t know, I am an American woman. A black, American woman. Within my family, like many families, there are doctors, lawyers, playwrights, actors, laborers, professors and teachers, Olympic medalists, preachers, and perhaps unlike many families, young and old institutionalized men within the penal system. I say institutionalized because some have been there so long that it is the only life they know, and that some may ever know. Even when/if they are released, the odds of them making it in the outside world are not very high, because they were incarcerated at such young ages for nonviolent crimes, that basically it is the only life they know. A life of lockdown and frustration, when actual murderers and rapist are walking around free. A life that has become ‘normal’ for them. A life they violate parole intentionally to go back to, because it is all they know, and the outside world is indeed, a very scary place. So, I ask you, what IS going on?

Tomorrow(the ever hopeful), with his permission, I will tell you the story of hope of a young man who has spent 22 years in prison, more than twice his age, and of Presidential pardon because the ‘punishment’ NEVER fit the crime. At least, I hope it is a story of hope. ❤








Today my daughter and I went together to vote early. I went with some trepidation because of what I had seen on social media and the news.

I’m happy to report that at my location there was no drama, no attacking, no intimidation. There was actually no wait time even. There were some people standing around outside offering to guide us through the selection process, and everyone that I spoke with from the volunteers outside to the people that registered us inside were helpful and all quite lovely.

I spoiled my first attempt. That’s when you make a mistake. The Amendments on the back portion of the ballot were laid out in a funky grid,some where Federal, some where local, and there were three number ones, and three number twos, and two number threes… Anyway, you get the idea.  If not watching carefully, I could put the wrong yes in the wrong location, which I did. I took it back up they and they were very generous and understanding.  They spoiled that ballot and reissued me another. The process was actually very quick and quite painless.

Well, that’s done. I remain hopeful and positive about the outcome.