Season’s Greeting to all!

For many, today is filled with family, food, fun, and football. Whatever your beliefs, whatever you are doing I hope today is a wonderful day for you!

Season’s Greetings


Mercedes Lewis

Happy Winter, Happy Spring, Happy Summer, Happy Fall.

Every season has a reason we should celebrate them all.

Each one , its charm, each one, its own reason.

These’s a cause to celebrate, and find joy in each new season.

Winter brings us holidays, both to give and to receive.

Good food, gifts, and family, all are reasons to believe.

Starry nights and warm rain showers hoping new life to bring,

are but two most special happenings that remind us that it’s Spring.

Heat, beaches, pests and sand herald in sweet Summer.

If no water is nearby, it could really be a bummer.

The cooling breeze of autumn as the leaves begin to fall,

reminds us of the sweetness, and the wonder of it all.

So, welcome each season, with its happy, and its sad.

Just remember there’s no season that will ever be all bad.

Celebrate each new season, its course in life to chart.

Make special memories every day and keep them in your heart.



This is the time of year when we focus more on giving thanks, and being aware of the people in our lives that we care about. Not that we don’t think about these things all year long, but there is something about the waning months of the year that just brings it home for us.  We are more aware of our ‘tribes’. 

I have many tribes.  I wear the safety pin. I wear the rainbow. I wear the pink ribbon. I stand in spirit with my native sisters and brothers to proclaim that we need to take care of Mother Earth. I wear the triangle in a circle. I donate time and finances to various organizations. I have multiple family connections that I try to make sure I spend time nurturing. Why do I do these things, for praise, or for something deeper and much more meaningful? I believe it is for reasons that we ourselves cannot even begin explain. We are driven to do things that give us connection and a sense of belonging.

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to “human kindness”. It is an idea from the Southern African region which means literally “human-ness”, and is often translated as “humanity towards others”.  In the Shona language of Zimbabwe it it ‘unhu’. I believe it is what drives all of us to strive for fellowship, understanding, and common ground. It is what, no matter the circumstances, causes us to have faith that a new, better day is always, always on the horizon, but not ever out of reach.

Loosely put, I am because you are, and because you are, I DEFINITELY am. I m ever hopefully that all my tribes will be as one. ❤


How did they know?

Facebook must have a crystal ball into the future. No? Then how did they come up with the different emoticons for ‘like’ in the nick of time?

It’s like they knew we would need more than one way to express what we were feeling, rather than just clinking ‘like’ and hoping others knew that I meant, ‘I appreciate what you wrote’, rather than agreement or anything else.

I wonder if they are tracking which ‘like’ gets used the most.  I know if they are clocking mine, they will find that of late I have selected the sad, crying faced one more in the last two weeks than any of the others, and more than any other time since they gave us options.

I’m supposed to writing this from my Dad’s house, but today did not go according to plan. We will try again tomorrow. 

I desire to be positive and thankful even though the world is pressing against me. Because of that, I am not sure what to write tonight. So, I will remind myself of this things:

God will not allow more than we are able;

Things will get better;

It is always darkest before the dawn;

This to shall pass, and on and on, and on.

For those who will be spending time with family and taking a break from the internet I say, have a good holiday, be safe, love and enjoy one another.  See you when you return!

And oh yeah, we are all in this together. ❤


What did you mean when you said …

I almost got into a facebookument with someone today. That’s an argument with a facebook ‘friend’, and yes, I made up that word.

It would have been so easy to block the person and keep moving, but it was clear that something about the thread on my newsfeed had upset the person. I needed to know what that was, and what or at whom the apparent anger was directed. It was not an easy or simple quest. I engaged the person in a private conversation. I had to dig. I had to ask probing and specific questions. In the end, we were both okay, and I found that what I thought was going on was not what was going on at all. That is the problem with communicating with others in this impersonal way. There are no nuances, no body language, no looking into the eyes to be sure that the message you received was the message intended. We talked about it, I apologized for not understanding, and I let my friend know that I removed the comment because I am certain that many would not understand what the person was trying to convey. He understood, and now I have a new friend, and a better understanding.  I am very glad that I took the time to reach out, not just for me, but for him also. He had asked his higher power(who or whatever that is, it doesn’t matter) to let him meet a new friend today, and to let him be understood! WOW!  What if I had not been compelled to follow through? I’m not saying anything drastic would have happened, but I AM saying that a miracle for both of us would NOT have happened today.

This situation loaned itself to some deep thought on my part. We have been ‘friends’ for some time, but today, we became friends. Does that mean there will not be any more misunderstandings, miscommunications, or even differences of opinion. Of course not! But, now, this person is more to me than a person on a list of ‘friends’. This person is a real, tangible, feeling spirit that I must take care to nurture, or at the very least, as much as is in my power, make sure I do not harm. “Being there’ is not always a physical thing. What a great day! ❤


What You do(or don’t do) Affects Others

Sasha has fleas! We have been trying to get rid of them for what seems like weeks now. We have bombed, vacuumed, sprayed, treated, given internal and external medicine, and still. And you know why that is?  It’s because what we do affects others, whether we mean for it to or not.  The neighbor has a flea retreat and resort. We can often hear him crumbling about his dog having fleas, but he never does anything to take care of the problem. So, they spread and spread, and because he doesn’t do anything, they retreat and return again and again.

When I was younger, my father used to make me pull weeds on the lawn.  I hated it! Our was one of the most beautiful yards in the neighborhood though. I never thought about it then, but there were always weed to pull. You know why there were weeds?  Because some of the neighbors did take care of their lawn or pull weeds, so they spread and tried to infect our yard.

It is so unfair to have fleas or weeds because of the actions of others. I need to make sure what I do, or don’t do spreads the kind of attitude and love I want to see reflected back. Today, it is calm and beauty. ❤

Retail Therapy?

I was out and about this morning pretty early and stayed out pretty much all day.  Wow, that can be exhausting!

I had a couple of appointments and went shopping. At least, I tried to go shopping. It is getting crowed out there already.  I haven’t see any heavy Christmas decorations but, I am told that a man has already pitched a tent in front of a retail place in preparation for Black Friday.  I guess in that regard, this year will be no different from others.  With all the tensions, uncertainty and angst, retail therapy still reigns supreme.  In fact, all of this uncertainty might just give it a shot in the air.  Anyway, I abandoned my shopping and decided I would do it later in the week, perhaps when everyone else is at work.

Oh no! Am I becoming a bit of a recluse and hermit? That actually reminds me of a little poem I wrote, lol. ❤


(C) 2016

Mercedes Lewis

I got what I needed,

used the self checkout line,

now I sitting here waiting

on your really slow behind.

In and out, in and out,

is the way we said we’d be,

not a stroll up and down each aisle

to see what we could see!

Don’t try to persuade me,

don’t try to change my mood,

I’m done with this, I tell you,

now I just want some food.

You can just go ahead,

let me sit here and rest.

For the sake of peace and harmony,

that truly would be best.

Sweet Water

I am almost halfway through this challenge I have set for myself.  You all don’t know what an accomplishment is has been for me to actually write something every single day.  I am that good kind of proud. I tend to do far more thinking than writing, and probably only slightly more talking. In that sense, I am kind of like  a duck.  Cool, calm and collected on the surface, and paddling like hell underneath.  Some of it is self esteem, some of it is actually that I think about so many things so quickly that is is difficult to capture them and confine them to paper.

I do appreciate those of you who take a few moments from your busy schedule to peek in on me. Thank you.  I hope that for the most part it has been a pleasant distraction.

I was telling a friend just today that I have been low and will be glad to get back to the middle.  It also wouldn’t be bad to swing to a high or two while on my journey there. I am sure many of us have felt like that in the last few days, as we struggle to find our personal balance and figure out where we fit in this new world view. As I look forward with trepidation, I am remembering many of the good times that I took for granted in the past (eight years, especially). Like music, and laughter, and genuine concern for the people and the country. I guess this is what grandmother was taking about when she used to say. “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.”

I will do the work, but meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy memories of that sweet water.