A BIG Piece of the Pie

I had a fantastic time this Father’s Day weekend. I went to Jacksonville to visit my Dad and spend precious time with him, and this allowed me to be closer to the book signing event I was to attend in Tallahassee.  Being at Dad’s cut my travel time in half, from four hours to two. That made the weekend even more awesome!

I headed over to Tallahassee amid scattered showers, but all in all, the roads were clear and the traffic was light. Not very scenic, no hills and valleys in Florida, but overall, a nice drive. I arrived with plenty of time to spare, The store wasn’t open for business yet, so I went to a local coffee shop and scored a donut and iced coffee, YUM. As I said, I arrived early, unlike Riley Scott and her lovely wife Heather #lesbianfabio, lol. (Guess which one is Heather,lol)

M.E and #lesbianfabio

They live further into the Florida Panhandle, and did not realize that they would be crossing a time zone. That’s right! Some of Florida is in a different time zone. Imagine that! Good thing they left extra early, and so still managed to arrive on time.

There was an awesome lineup of writers signing books. I dosed up on allergy medicine and prepared to dive in. No, I’m not allergy to bookstores and lesbians, but you know … lesbians, and …cats. The cat part is not good for me. Sorry kitties! kitty

Becky Harmon, known to many as Becky Arbogast(she thought that was too much of a mouthful, so took the pseudonym), but known to most as Becky from Bella. Becky writes romance, and thrillers with romance. I opted for the thriller/romance, Tangled Mark.

Mercedes Lewis, believe it or not, I was the debut writer, with only one book. I’ve got to do something about that soon! Oh, I didn’t purchase that one. I already have it!

M.E. Logan, who has also been writing for quite a while and is with Bella also. I selected Lexington Connection. Have you seen that cover?

Riley Scott, a lovely young writer from Bella, whose work you should check out if you haven’t. I can’t wait to read Backstage Pass.

Sheila Ortiz-Taylor, an icon in lesbian literature, used to write for the formidable Barbara Grier with Naiad. Check out her back catalogue, and her current books with Spinsters Ink. I picked up Assisted Living. I was in awe of meeting her, and to be signing with her, just wow!

The venue was lovely and spacious, and the staff was phenomenal. The store looks like a university library, teeming with new and old books. They accept books from customers, and, I actually heard the staff calling people on a wait list for used books to come in. Darn!  I wanted Hidden Figures and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I wanted those books! I should have checked the bag first, lol. No, I would try to skip the waitlist customers, but I must admit that I did think it for a second. Hey! I’m only human.  …and books.

We met the owner, who may be the only person on the planet who likes purple as much or more than I do!  They even put your purchases in a lovely purple cloth bag.

We had a nice crowd trickling in,

in spite of major downpour, thunder and lightning. Guess who saw, and who heard,lol. It happened just as I snapped the shot. Scary AND loud!

Thunder and Lightening

I sold 10 books. OF POETRY. Awesome! Because, you know, no one (purportedly) likes poetry.

Afterward we got together before our drives back to different corners of the state and had a nice pizza meal. I have never seen slices this size. I missed the food photo op, but this is the box, and the slice filled it up!



It was great time, I can’t wait for the next signing.


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