OfSorts: The Dead Guy – a review, of sorts

The Dead Guy

Author: Taylor James


I could tell something about this author right away, before even opening the book; she has a sense of humor. Any mystery book titled The Dead Guy HAS to have humor, right?

Well, Taylor James did not disappoint with the subtle, often dry humor of her characters. I generally don’t like books that begin, and are told with ‘I’, but, the style lends well to a mystery, and invites you to be a part of the action, rather than a voyeur looking in.

At one point I was worried about continuity, because Sydney, the main character, did not mention her broken hand, or the cast for a while, so I thought it was a ‘lost thread’. After all, she did get it tripping over the dead guy. Then, when it came up again, I realized it was perfect! Someone who has a broken limb or cast does not mention it every moment, and anyone with eyes can see that it is damaged. I was also worried about whatever was under the porch. Sydney assumed it was a dog. After a while I worried that it might be a wild animal, or even the killer. (I have a very active imagination, lol.)

It’s a mystery, so I won’t give away any clues, or plot points, but suffice to say, it was an enjoyable ride, getting to ‘who done it’, and why.  Awesome twist and surprise at the conclusion, for me.

Great plot, fully developed secondary characters(even the old ladies), good laughs, possible romance, and a good mystery?  Yep, all of that!  I thoroughly enjoyed this light mystery. This was an easy, and fun read.


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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