Still Grateful

“What other time of the year is as magical as this?”  —A Wish for Christmas, Hallmark Christmas Movie

I truly believe that if I work at it, I can make every day this magical.  We are home from Dad’s,  and I am still on the emotional high that comes from hanging with my elders and learning wonderful things about life. I mean, a woman who has lived over eighty-eight years has seen a lot and has some stories to tell, right? You’d better believe it! I could ‘sit at her feet’ forever. The thing is, this time, I think I felt more ‘adult’ than I ever have in their presence. And yes, I know I am a grown a$$ed woman. But still.

Auntie entered my bedroom this morning ready to go. She asked, “Where is Electric?” LOL I knew immediately that she was referring to my daughter who talks and moves at lightning speed and rarely seems to stop doing either. She was born that way, a strong-willed little dynamo. In fact, I think I will call her that from now on. Anyway, Auntie was asking because she wanted to talk to her. She asked me instead if she needed to pay a separate gratuity, or if the services came with the room. It seems that Electric had taken out her trash and freshened up her room, and done other little things without being asked. Electric told Auntie later that the only form of payment she would accept would e a hug.  My auntie told me once again that I had done a great job raising my daughter <sniff>, and she called me ‘Bessie Lewis’. Now THAT made me  smile!  Forget smile, that made me all out GRIN! That is my grandmother, her mother’s name. Grandmother was the matriarch of the family, and anyone who knew her knows that being called by her name (meaning you are displaying some of her attributes), is HIGH praise indeed. At least as far as I am concerned. I grinned and said. “Thank you, Auntie, I regard that as the highest of praise! I’m not mad about that at all”, and gave her a wink and a hug, and yes, it made me tear up a little. I mean really. Bessie Lewis! Wow.

My daughter and I always try to leave a place better than when we arrived. I believe I learned that from Grandmother and others, like all of my aunties. The thing is, the more we do and give and listen, the more full and alive we feel.

Because I was born, because YOU were born, because WE were born, I think we ALL can leave this place (earth and life), a MUCH better place than when we arrived. ❤


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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