So much…

Today has been a wonderful day. I am reminded yet again that I have so much to be thankful for. Although it is Black Friday, we did not buy into it. We did go shopping, but not to any of the places that have ridiculous lines and promises of unlikely savings. The thing that I enjoyed most about shopping is that it gave me even more time to interact with my aunties and elders, who are gracious and selfless, shopping for gifts for others.  We have no small children in the family at the moment, but Auntie bought a Thomas the Engine for a little two year old whose name she had drawn, and the other Auntie oohed and ahhed over what earrings she might get for her surprise Santa gift.  Mostly, it was fun just walking about hearing their take on life, on how things had changed, on how much further we have to go, and how they hoped the next few years would not be too much of a setback. It was great listening to their wisdom.

I showed them a picture taken four years of the three of them, my dad and his two sisters, and how they were standing in almost exactly the same spots and positions.

We talked about values, and expectations, about how they were as children, and then as young adults. We talked about our heritage and family tree, which always begins and ends in the United States. We talked about how they had navigated life. We talked about what they used and how they have charted their way through this life so far, and all its trials and triumphs. We talked about the redistribution of ….. weight, lol. Boy, did I learn a lot!  I love these talks. I reminds me of how truly lucky I am, to be born into this family, at this time. We talked about aging, and hat that means for all of us, and what responsibilities and actions we  will take.  My 88 year old Auntie flew in from New York.  We are realizing that there may come a time soon that this will not be an option.

We talked about our beliefs and foundation. We looked at Grandmother’s very old bible, and it reminded me of a song I used to listen to many years ago.  I shared it with them, and, we talked some more. They really liked the song. Tonight, I share it with you, and tomorrow, well, tomorrow it is off to shopping again. ❤



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