Season’s Greeting to all!

For many, today is filled with family, food, fun, and football. Whatever your beliefs, whatever you are doing I hope today is a wonderful day for you!

Season’s Greetings


Mercedes Lewis

Happy Winter, Happy Spring, Happy Summer, Happy Fall.

Every season has a reason we should celebrate them all.

Each one , its charm, each one, its own reason.

These’s a cause to celebrate, and find joy in each new season.

Winter brings us holidays, both to give and to receive.

Good food, gifts, and family, all are reasons to believe.

Starry nights and warm rain showers hoping new life to bring,

are but two most special happenings that remind us that it’s Spring.

Heat, beaches, pests and sand herald in sweet Summer.

If no water is nearby, it could really be a bummer.

The cooling breeze of autumn as the leaves begin to fall,

reminds us of the sweetness, and the wonder of it all.

So, welcome each season, with its happy, and its sad.

Just remember there’s no season that will ever be all bad.

Celebrate each new season, its course in life to chart.

Make special memories every day and keep them in your heart.



Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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