How did they know?

Facebook must have a crystal ball into the future. No? Then how did they come up with the different emoticons for ‘like’ in the nick of time?

It’s like they knew we would need more than one way to express what we were feeling, rather than just clinking ‘like’ and hoping others knew that I meant, ‘I appreciate what you wrote’, rather than agreement or anything else.

I wonder if they are tracking which ‘like’ gets used the most.  I know if they are clocking mine, they will find that of late I have selected the sad, crying faced one more in the last two weeks than any of the others, and more than any other time since they gave us options.

I’m supposed to writing this from my Dad’s house, but today did not go according to plan. We will try again tomorrow. 

I desire to be positive and thankful even though the world is pressing against me. Because of that, I am not sure what to write tonight. So, I will remind myself of this things:

God will not allow more than we are able;

Things will get better;

It is always darkest before the dawn;

This to shall pass, and on and on, and on.

For those who will be spending time with family and taking a break from the internet I say, have a good holiday, be safe, love and enjoy one another.  See you when you return!

And oh yeah, we are all in this together. ❤



Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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