What did you mean when you said …

I almost got into a facebookument with someone today. That’s an argument with a facebook ‘friend’, and yes, I made up that word.

It would have been so easy to block the person and keep moving, but it was clear that something about the thread on my newsfeed had upset the person. I needed to know what that was, and what or at whom the apparent anger was directed. It was not an easy or simple quest. I engaged the person in a private conversation. I had to dig. I had to ask probing and specific questions. In the end, we were both okay, and I found that what I thought was going on was not what was going on at all. That is the problem with communicating with others in this impersonal way. There are no nuances, no body language, no looking into the eyes to be sure that the message you received was the message intended. We talked about it, I apologized for not understanding, and I let my friend know that I removed the comment because I am certain that many would not understand what the person was trying to convey. He understood, and now I have a new friend, and a better understanding.  I am very glad that I took the time to reach out, not just for me, but for him also. He had asked his higher power(who or whatever that is, it doesn’t matter) to let him meet a new friend today, and to let him be understood! WOW!  What if I had not been compelled to follow through? I’m not saying anything drastic would have happened, but I AM saying that a miracle for both of us would NOT have happened today.

This situation loaned itself to some deep thought on my part. We have been ‘friends’ for some time, but today, we became friends. Does that mean there will not be any more misunderstandings, miscommunications, or even differences of opinion. Of course not! But, now, this person is more to me than a person on a list of ‘friends’. This person is a real, tangible, feeling spirit that I must take care to nurture, or at the very least, as much as is in my power, make sure I do not harm. “Being there’ is not always a physical thing. What a great day! ❤



Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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