Retail Therapy?

I was out and about this morning pretty early and stayed out pretty much all day.  Wow, that can be exhausting!

I had a couple of appointments and went shopping. At least, I tried to go shopping. It is getting crowed out there already.  I haven’t see any heavy Christmas decorations but, I am told that a man has already pitched a tent in front of a retail place in preparation for Black Friday.  I guess in that regard, this year will be no different from others.  With all the tensions, uncertainty and angst, retail therapy still reigns supreme.  In fact, all of this uncertainty might just give it a shot in the air.  Anyway, I abandoned my shopping and decided I would do it later in the week, perhaps when everyone else is at work.

Oh no! Am I becoming a bit of a recluse and hermit? That actually reminds me of a little poem I wrote, lol. ❤


(C) 2016

Mercedes Lewis

I got what I needed,

used the self checkout line,

now I sitting here waiting

on your really slow behind.

In and out, in and out,

is the way we said we’d be,

not a stroll up and down each aisle

to see what we could see!

Don’t try to persuade me,

don’t try to change my mood,

I’m done with this, I tell you,

now I just want some food.

You can just go ahead,

let me sit here and rest.

For the sake of peace and harmony,

that truly would be best.


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

2 thoughts on “Retail Therapy?”

  1. Your poem perfectly explains the way I feel about shopping. Last year I don’t think I even went into a store and certainly not into a mall, I did it all online.

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