Sweet Water

I am almost halfway through this challenge I have set for myself.  You all don’t know what an accomplishment is has been for me to actually write something every single day.  I am that good kind of proud. I tend to do far more thinking than writing, and probably only slightly more talking. In that sense, I am kind of like  a duck.  Cool, calm and collected on the surface, and paddling like hell underneath.  Some of it is self esteem, some of it is actually that I think about so many things so quickly that is is difficult to capture them and confine them to paper.

I do appreciate those of you who take a few moments from your busy schedule to peek in on me. Thank you.  I hope that for the most part it has been a pleasant distraction.

I was telling a friend just today that I have been low and will be glad to get back to the middle.  It also wouldn’t be bad to swing to a high or two while on my journey there. I am sure many of us have felt like that in the last few days, as we struggle to find our personal balance and figure out where we fit in this new world view. As I look forward with trepidation, I am remembering many of the good times that I took for granted in the past (eight years, especially). Like music, and laughter, and genuine concern for the people and the country. I guess this is what grandmother was taking about when she used to say. “You don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.”

I will do the work, but meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy memories of that sweet water.


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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