Playing the game, for life

I do not consider myself a Pollyanna. More like an Eeyore actually. Or that kid that puts her hands over her ears and sings, “lalalalalalalalalalalalala”, or an ostrich, head firmly planted in the sand, refusing to look up and see the turmoil all around me.

A friend pointed out just the other day how her day was a usual day. Mine are too, perhaps peppered with a little more caution. I have made my (adult) daughter promise not to check her mail late at night alone anymore.  This used to be a minor concern, but now, in my mind, it is a major security problem and must stop immediately. I am still polite, I still open doors, offer a smile, and carry on with my day as usual. I am trying to remember that how the other person reacts is not my problem or responsibility but, I will admit, that as of late, it has been on my mind. A lot.

So, I DO see the turmoil, and feel the anxiety all around. I have noticed more than a minor shift. But, what I have purposed in my heart, is that I will continue to do the things I did.  I will do more where I can, and I will continue to ‘speak those things that are not as though they were.’  I will continue to hope, pray, and work toward the change we all want to see. I will not let the negative images, the news, and the ill reports keep me from doing my small part. And, yes, I suppose I will continue to sound like Pollyanna. ❤


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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