New Balance

Everything is still off-kilter. I think it will be for a while. People grieve, or come to realizations at different paces. Many people are still just plain numb. It will take a while for everyone to ‘get on the same page’, as it were. Then, there are those that have no interest in getting on the page at all.

Whatever we do, and however we do it, we need to come to a new balance. We need to come back to the middle. Or, at least I do. My emotional pendulum is all the way in one direction, which is fine for a season, as long as it does not stay there. For me, the middle is level ground. It it the area where I can exercise sound judgement. Sound judgement and decision making about things that impact me and those around me.

I am waiting for the tide to ebb and settle so I know what I am working with. One thing I know for certain is that I will not give up on myself and my fellow beings.

I WILL find that new balance.

Oh, and it won’t be New Balance shoes. i’ve always loved them, but because of money and/or any other number of reasons that do not matter to me, they have come out, and come down on the side of what remains to be seen.  They have shown us what they care about, even though their product says, “Made in America”. Millions of people are burning their shoes.

Whatever happens, I will look forward, to a ‘new land’. Meanwhile, let’s keep this ship above the water. This song has brought me through many a rough storm, kept me afloat until the waters settled.


Author: Mercedes' Blog

Poet, Writer

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