The Prodigal and Unexpected Daughter

I know you were expecting to see part 2 of my blog from yesterday, but I have had a long emotional day, and need to do this first. I will begin by saying this:

Facebook(R) IS good for something! I truly mean that.

As you know, yesterday I was out of town, doing that thing I am going to finish talking about tonight, which I am going to finish talking about later. I was actually even thinking about swinging up the road a bit to say hello to Dad. My daughter called me, sounding very distraught. “Mom”, she said, “Sasha is missing.” In that very moment I knew that that dog had somehow worked her way not only into our minds, but into our hearts. Ms Sasha had become so much more than a work dog, an asset. She was my furry daughter! How could you NOT love a face like this.


I was too upset to put it on FB, and besides, who wants to see that in a yearly ‘memories’ reminder. Plus, I was on a mission of utmost importance.  I could not do what I wanted to do, …turn around and go home right then. My ever responsible daughter felt guilty because Sasha had escaped without her collar. She’d had a shampoo and massage the evening before. I assured her that if someone wanted to keep her, they would whether she had on her collar or not, and if they wanted to return her, they would find a way. Sasha was not chipped yet because it was to be done when she was spayed, after having what i am sure, is the longest heat in dog history! They were putting up posters all over the neighborhood.


Yes, Sasha is special needs. Most of which she may or may not outgrow, but the main thing is she is easily excitable and sometimes gets a nosebleed before she calms down. Although she did not have the blood disorder we feared, even after an expensive surgery that nose still bleeds for no apparent reason. She needs her people. And, her people need her!

Anyway. About how awesome FB is. If you ever lose, or find a pet, search for “Lost Pets of <insert county>.  My daughter did her research and put the information on that site as well as others. For the obvious reasons, I cut my trip short and returned to give my daughter a big ole hug. As I was pulling up to her house she got a call saying that someone thought they had Sasha, and they were in the specified neighborhood.   …and guess what!


Prayer works. Tomorrow we call the vet to get her butt spayed and chipped.  Meanwhile, back to the routine of training.  But FIRST, dog park and celebratory ice cream tomorrow. YAY!  I am officially exhausted! ❤


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