Today my daughter and I went together to vote early. I went with some trepidation because of what I had seen on social media and the news.

I’m happy to report that at my location there was no drama, no attacking, no intimidation. There was actually no wait time even. There were some people standing around outside offering to guide us through the selection process, and everyone that I spoke with from the volunteers outside to the people that registered us inside were helpful and all quite lovely.

I spoiled my first attempt. That’s when you make a mistake. The Amendments on the back portion of the ballot were laid out in a funky grid,some where Federal, some where local, and there were three number ones, and three number twos, and two number threes… Anyway, you get the idea.  If not watching carefully, I could put the wrong yes in the wrong location, which I did. I took it back up they and they were very generous and understanding.  They spoiled that ballot and reissued me another. The process was actually very quick and quite painless.

Well, that’s done. I remain hopeful and positive about the outcome. 


Author: Mercedes' Blog

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