A Walk Down Review Lane

Pre-pubublish review
February 21, 2017
From the tear-jerker of a “dedication” holding a plethora of names and a collection of emotions, to the comedic porcelain Queen, I began my journey through the poems of a friend. Onward I travel. Through the erotic innuendo-decorated alleyways inhabited by a woman who can slay without killing, holding the gift of a little death in her hands. As I meander, I glance in the windows built by words. I inhale scents, savour tastes and catch the occasional glimpse of a soul once fractured that lives in the memory of this extraordinary poet. I even recognised someone I met once.

Mercedes Lewis runs the gamut of emotion in this, her debut book. The poet hopes to take us, the readers on a journey. She does … but it is one urged, compelled and inspired by her own journeys. This is what makes a poet worthy of being read. I’m so glad I took the time to take a trip with Mercedes.”

Chris Parsons, Poet

The Lesson of The Beads

I am thankful for so many things in this life. Sometimes, little things remind us of just how much we have to be thankful for!

The other day, while frantically looking for something else, which, by the way, I did NOT find, I stumbled upon this beautiful scarf. The beautiful, cream colored, beaded, silk scarf is a gift from a dear friend. Although I have yet to meet Georgi of Edinburgh, Scotland face to face, I count her as a very special friend.
Georgi sent me the scarf for my birthday, many years ago. It came is a nylon protection bag, into which I have always carefully placed it after wearing it. Except for evidently , the last time I wore it. Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing to reunite the scarf with its bag.

As I began to inspect and fold the scarf I noticed that the beads on both of the scarf were all tangled up together. I began trying to untangle them, following, and weaving each strand, I thought, back to its proper place. I figured out rather quickly that I was making a bigger mess, and possibly about to ruin my beautiful gift. Frustrated, and not wanting to damage it or lose any of the lovely beads, I held it up for closer inspection. As I did, one of the strings of beads, the first one on one side fell loose, and, to my surprise, the two ends of the scarf separated! Each end though was still a tangled mess. Holding the end, I began to gently shake the scarf. As I did, each row of beads gently swayed, detangled, and fell into place. Wow. Such a simple action. Such a gentle motion.

I am thankful for the lesson of the beads: Take it easy, don’t force it, and things WILL fall into place.

Now. Where did I put that darned bag! LOL

Mercedes Lewis

Talkin’ Story

Something beautiful to reflect upon

 Aloha to all who stop by!  Thank you for your patience and interest, and again, my apologies for being absent for so long.  I had church in the pool this morning. At least, my version of church, in water, communing with nature, myself, and my Creator. Talkin’ story. Checking in. It was great. The choir, a murder of crows in the big tree was kind of off key, but, I”m sure they may have been thinking the same thing about me.

I got some answers.

I have not written a word in months. Not even one little short, silly poem. Truth be told, I have not read all that much either. Today I was looking for the real reason(s) why. …aside from my regular reticence and self-doubt. When I evaluated it, I was surprised to say the least at the outcome. I had PTSD! A new one, not the one from the military.  Maybe I shouldn’t label it(I hate labels) PTSD, but I have certainly been disconnected, adrift, and more than a little depressed. Part of that has greatly to do with the current state of our nation, but I will NOT get into that! The other, more personal part, is that I miss GCLS, and feel disconnected. Yes, I know I used that word earlier, lol.  I have been involved with GCLS since its creation practically, and have been a volunteer or board member in some capacity since probably 2006. I was instrumental in creating the ConVirgins, and did all of their curriculum and planning until they were returned to the responsibility of the directors of membership. I suppose that was only fair, since that is the capacity I was serving in when Lori, Val and I brainstormed the concept.  …and the ConDucks. all mine! I am not sharing this for accolades or pats on the back. I am sharing to show how invested and enmeshed I was in the organization. How much of my life, and daily thoughts the organization was. So, when my tenure ended as Director of Events, it did not occur to me that I would go through anything like this. I thought I would be relieved to be relieved(see what I did there) of those long meetings, and planning, and listening to members share their feelings, negative and positive. I mean, who would miss all that! LOL  Well, me. I must now find a way to feel more connected to the organization that I love, and the many friends I have gained world-wide by being a part of the organization.

So, there you have it. I’m not saying that I will be writing a novel, or long blogs, or even that there will not be another long lapse, but, at least, for me, I have identified a great part of the issue.

The other part?   Grandmother(ancestors) visited during church and reminded me:

1.  We have lived through worse and made it out okay.

2.  Tomorrow always comes, for someone.

3.  This world is not my home, stop wasting time.

4.  It will ALL be okay.

5.  Do my part and live in today; not yesterday, or tomorrow.

Thank you, Grandmother, and thank you all for stoping by!


Saints and Sinners Deux: The Adventure Continues

I believe I told you before that I was going to the Tennessee Williams Festival, and the Saints and Sinners Book Festival in NOLA. I also told you that it was such a rich experience that I would have to do it in parts. Well, this is the next part. I’ve also decided, this may take longer than I thought, lol. My apologies for taking so long with this part, hopefully the others will come more quickly! I think this will mostly be a picture tour. Maybe one day I will go into more detail about some of the topics. Who knew I packed so much into those few days! It was amazing and awesome.  …and I haven’t even started on the actual festival yet.

Along with the festival(s), I had the pleasure and lagniappe of having Mary Griggs for my hostess. No, no merchant gave her to me, and she wasn’t gifted to me by the festival, although they gave me many nice things, I just wanted to use my limited NOLA speak, lol. Thank you, Mary, for schlepping me around. You are the best!

Day One, I arrived before the festivals were to begin, at least for us, so it was filled with beignets at the New Orleans Coffee and Beignet Co.,

Le Musee de f.p.c., (The Museum of free people of color)

then, relaxing in the back yard after a delicious home cooked meal.

I’ve already told you what a wonderful cook Mary is, and directed you to her Mouth Brothels food page.

This was our day for relaxing. I’m glad I arrived early in the day so we could get to see some sights, and still get some rest. The next day would be even busier. Stay tuned… ❤

A Little Taste

Yes, I’ve jerry-rigged this so I can still chat with you all! YAY! …and please excuse the feature bunny if it’s humongous because I could not figure out how to make it smaller.  Just call me, “Still Learning”, lol.

I’ve decided that the NOLA, Saints and Sinners Literary Festival experience was just too rich and too full to share it all at one time. So, like dark chocolate, or fine wine, I am going to share little bits, nibbles and sips, at a time, in no particular order, because, …that’s me! LOL   …and on that note:

I can FINALLY let the cat, –oops, I mean bunny out of the bag. Happy Easter! BunnyShotMary Griggs has NO idea how hard it was to hold on to this cute little surprise until she did her food blog about it. This delightful fella capped off(pun intended) a most delicious homemade meal,

and believe me, it was all as mouthwatering as it looks.  Mary is as generous with her recipes as she is with her hospitality, so I will leave her to explain all of the particulars to you. But, when I say off the bone, succulent, and melt in your mouth good, these are not platitudes or hyperbole. I will just say, if you ever have an opportunity, DO NOT DENY YOURSELF THE PLEASURE!  Just remembering it has made it a better Easter for me, so, on that note,garnish.jpg I hope you are enjoying yours! ❤

Holidays: Something always happens

Holidays are good for many things: rest, respite, recreation, celebration, family, and most of all recuperation or as I like to call it, procrastination. Real life and technical issues are descending faster than whatever space junk is falling! And, while I can do something about my technical issues, eventually, and with the help of the phone company, I can do nothing about the space junk.

So, while I await a new phone, I will work on the narrative and links, on my computer *gasp* IF I remember how to use it, and when I am fully operational again, I will share about NOLA, and by that time, probably even Rehoboth Beach.

In the meantime, the show must go on! April is poetry month, and I will appear in a guest post on April 4th or thereabouts on IHeartLesfic. I hope to see you there!

And … for all of you celebrating something, ENJOY your celebration! ❤


Be My Guest

These days, that phase can have ominous overtures. Like, “Please, go ahead, kill yourself”, or something.  It sounds good, but, then again… like “Help yourself”, you know that person is not offering you to serve yourself, or go ahead of them, or whatever. It’s like a double dog dare or something. Ominous overtures.

But, I am happy to report that I received an invitation of the old-fashioned kind.bygcap

I Heart Lesfic has asked me do a guest post on their website, and I have humbly accepted. If you are not familiar with them you can check them out HERE. 

They are a great support to lesbian authors, providing a

bemyguest platform to showcase work, and hopefully  gain introduction to new readers. There are also great opportunities for readers to win free books! On April 4th please go over and check me out, and yes, there is a chance to win a free copy of my book.  So, be my guest, please, and check out my guest post! It is short and sweet. After all, I am a woman of few words, and a poet, lol. If you do drop in, feel free to leave a comment, or reach out to me, and, don’t forget to enter to win a free ebook! While you are there, check out previous guest posts, and perhaps sign up to follow iheartlesfic  . It’s free!

Hope to see you there. ❤